7.    Protection of personal data

7.1. Purposes of the processing
A subscription to the Website as a User implies that Guide Labreuche will collect and process a certain amount of personal data on the User. This information is crucial to the processing of the subscriptions. These personal data are also retained for security purposes in order to ensure compliance with legal and regulatory obligations. A User who does not wish to provide the information required to create a User Account may therefore not access the services offered by the Website if he or she refuses to provide such personal data. Access to personal data will be strictly limited to employees of the data controller who are authorized to process these data due to their role and responsibilities. The information collected may be communicated to third parties contractually bound to the data controller for the performance of outsourced tasks and the User's authorization in this regard is not necessary.
The personal data collected are the subject of computer processing and are strictly reserved for Guide Labreuche. The data controller is Mr. Pascal Labreuche.
Guide Labreuche retains these data for the purposes described above and undertakes not to use them for any other purpose, nor to transmit them to third parties, except in accordance with the terms of this article or with the relevant User's express agreement or in situations in which said transmission is required by law.

7.2. Retention of personal data
The contact information for all Website Users is saved throughout the period of the subscription and for up to three (3) years after the termination of the User Account. These data are retained in secure conditions according to current technical standards and in accordance with the terms of Law No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 on information technology, files and freedoms, as amended by Law No. 2004-81 of 6 August 2004, and European Regulation No. 2016/679.

7.3. Security and safety
Guide Labreuche takes the technical measures required to ensure the security of the User's personal data and notably to prevent the deformation or damaging thereof, access thereto by unauthorized third parties and any unlawful use thereof.
In the event of a personal data breach, the Website will inform the User as soon as possible after the Website becomes aware thereof by email to the email address entered by the User into his or her User Account or by any other written means of communication. This notification is provided as soon as a personal data breach occurs, regardless of the related risk. It includes all useful documentation (traces, processing records, etc.) in order to allow the User to notify the competent authority of this breach, if necessary.

7.4. User rights in respect of personal data
In accordance with the aforementioned law, the User has a right to be informed, a right to object, a right of access, a right to rectification, a right to restrict processing and a right to erasure regarding the personal data he or she has provided and may withdraw his or her consent to the processing of said data. To this end, the User must submit a request to Guide Labreuche by email to brushstroke@guide-labreuche.com or by postal mail to Société du Guide Labreuche - 71, rue de la Mare - 75020 Paris, France.
If the User wishes to file a claim, he or she may contact the French data protection authority, the Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés (CNIL), at 3, place de Fontenoy - TSA 80715 - 75334 Paris Cedex 07, France.

7.5. IP address
Furthermore, Guide Labreuche reserves the right to collect a User's public IP (Internet Protocol) address. The IP address consists of a series of figures separated by periods allowing for the identification of a computer on the internet. The collection of this IP address is performed anonymously, and the address will be retained for the same period as the personal data and will only be used for the proper management of the services offered on this Website.

8.    Cookies
Guide Labreuche may install a cookie on the User's computer to enable optimal browsing on the Website as well as improved functioning of the different interfaces and applications. This cookie stores information on navigation through the Website (date, page and times), as well as potential data entered by the user during a visit (searches, login, email and password). These cookies are intended to remain on the user's computer for a variable period of up to 12 months, and may be read and used by Guide Labreuche when the user visits the Website on a future occasion.
The User may block, modify the retention period of, and erase this cookie via his or her browser's interface (in general by using privacy or confidentiality tools or options). In such a case, the User's navigation on the Website will not be optimal. If the systematic disabling of cookies on the User's browser prevents him or her from using certain services or features provided by Guide Labreuche, this malfunction will in no way constitute damage to the User, who may not claim any compensation in this regard.
The User may also delete cookies present on his or her computer by going to his or her browser's menu provided for this purpose (in general, privacy or confidentiality tools or options). This action has no impact on the User's navigation through the Website, but the User loses any benefits provided by the cookie. In this case, the User must re-enter all of the User's information.

9.    Disputes
9.1. Applicable law and jurisdiction
These General Terms are governed by French law. Any dispute related to the interpretation and/or performance thereof falls under the exclusive jurisdiction of French courts.
The contract language is French; any version available in another language on the Website is only provided for information. If a difference exists between the French version and the foreign-language version, it is the French version that takes precedence.

9.2. Divisibility
If any of the clauses of these General Terms is considered null and void in light of a legal provision in effect or a court ruling that is definitive, this clause will be deemed unwritten and will not cause the invalidity of the General Terms as a whole or alter the validity of the other terms, which will continue to be in effect despite the cancelled clause.

9.3. Non-waiver
If one of the parties fails to claim a breach of one or more clauses of these General Terms either temporarily or permanently, this will in no case constitute a waiver of the same clause or any other clause in said General Terms.

9.4. Address for service
For the conclusion and performance of these General Terms:
-    Guide Labreuche's address for service is its registered office located at 71, rue de la Mare – 75020 Paris, France;
-    The User's address for service is the address the User indicates for his or her User Account. The User undertakes to inform Guide Labreuche of any change in address and of his or her new postal address by sending an email to brushstroke@guide-labreuche.com.