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(V1.1 - Version applicable as of 15/01/2020)

1.    Legal information and disclaimer
These General Terms and Conditions of Sale and Use (hereafter the "General Terms") govern all the sales and services provided by Société du Guide Labreuche, a simplified joint stock company with a single shareholder, having capital of €3,000, registered with the Trade and Companies Register of Paris under number 851 036 517, whose registered office is located at 71, rue de la Mare – 75020 Paris, France (APE Code 5811Z) (hereafter "Guide Labreuche").
Guide Labreuche publishes and markets a website that can be accessed at (hereafter the "Website").
The purpose of the Website is to identify and list suppliers of materials and equipment for painters and graphic artists (canvases, panels, stretchers, boards, paper, frames, etc.), in Paris and more widely in France, from the 18th century to the 1960s; the identification of dealers and providers in associated fields; the identification of marks, stamps, labels, etc., placed by the makers, vendors, and providers concerned on the artists’ supplies mentioned above; the identification of the artists who used these articles or who were in contact with such vendors, makers, and providers.
The Website host is OVH – 2, rue Kellermann – BP 80157 – 59053 Roubaix Cedex 1 - France – – Tel. 1007.
Publication Director: Société du Guide Labreuche.
Editor: Mr Pascal Labreuche, Chairman of Société du Guide Labreuche – – Tel. +33 (0)6 45 75 88 92.

2.    General terms and conditions
2.1. Purpose
These General Terms apply to any person who uses and/or enters into a Subscription Contract via the Website, whether said person is an individual or a legal entity (hereafter the "User").
Any use of the services offered on the Website therefore constitutes express and unconditional acceptance of these General Terms, without said acceptance, however, requiring the User's handwritten signature. Users accept these General Terms when they check a box for this purpose at the time of creating their User Account. This acceptance constitutes the User's acknowledgement that he or she has read and accepts all related rights and obligations.
The General Terms express the entire agreement between the parties on the date on which the User enters into the Subscription Contract.
Guide Labreuche may suspend or even close a User's account if said User fails to comply with these General Terms, without prejudice to any damage that may be claimed of said User.

2.2. Availability and enforceability of the General Terms
The General Terms are available on the Website at all times, and the User may request a copy thereof by telephone (+33 (0)6 56 71 72 11), email ( or postal mail (71, rue de la Mare – 75020 Paris, France). They are systematically made available to Users on the Website before a subscription is validated.

2.3. Amendments to the General Terms
Guide Labreuche reserves the right to amend its General Terms at any time. The General Terms that apply are those in effect on the date of the most recent subscription to the Website purchased.

3.    Description of the Website
3.1. Purpose of the Website
The purpose of the Website is to identify and list suppliers of materials and equipment for painters and graphic artists (canvases, panels, stretchers, boards, paper, frames, etc.), in Paris and more widely in France, from the 18th century to the 1960s; the identification of dealers and providers in associated fields; the identification of marks, stamps, labels, etc., placed by the makers, vendors, and providers concerned on the artists’ supplies mentioned above; the identification of the artists who used these articles or who were in contact with such vendors, makers, and providers.
Once a subscription has been purchased, the Website offers services intended to provide the User with quality, insightful information on the origin and history of the materials used in pictorial works. As such, the Website is a tool to assist expertise in the fields of identification, dating and localization of support materials for pictorial and/or graphic works. The services are intended for French and foreign professionals in the art market, as well as those involved in non-commercial activities (museum curators, researchers, art historians, art journalists, conservator-restorers, scientists, museum documentalists, museum registrars, collectors, etc.).

3.2. Website access and availability
Anyone may access the Website. The User's computer must be connected to a telecommunication network based on communication protocols used by the internet to access the Website. Users are hereby informed that the Website has been optimized so as to be accessible from smartphones and tablets. Users are also hereby informed the payment of the costs to access and browse the Website is incumbent exclusively on said Users.
The Website may be accessed 24/7, except in the event of force majeure or an event outside the control of Guide Labreuche.
The User declares that he or she is fully aware of the characteristics and constraints relative to the internet, in particular that the technical reliability of the transmission of data and information over the internet is not guaranteed and said data and information are transmitted over heterogeneous networks with different technical characteristics and capacities, which disrupt access or make access impossible at certain times.
Guide Labreuche is not bound by any performance obligation regarding Website access. Guide Labreuche may not be held liable for these interruptions and related consequences to users or third parties. Guide Labreuche reserves the right to suspend, interrupt or limit access to all or part of the Website without notice, in particular for maintenance or upgrades required for the Website and related hardware to operate appropriately, or for any other reason, particularly regarding technical requirements.
The User is informed that Guide Labreuche may terminate or amend the characteristics of the services offered on the Website at any time without notice, and the User will have no right to take action against Guide Labreuche in this regard.

3.3. User Account
3.3.1. User registration process
Although the viewing of service offerings proposed on the Website, browsing the free Website content and contributing to the Website by uploading digital image files by visitors and contributors are free and do not require any particular action on the part of the internet user, registration on the Website as a User is an essential prerequisite to access Guide Labreuche services. For this purpose, the User must complete the registration process.
To register, simply click on the "Become a User" tab.
The User must select a subscription period from a drop-down menu. The User must pay for the subscription, which requires entering into a Subscription Contract in accordance with the terms of Article 5 below. The price of the subscription is clearly indicated at the time of registration and varies based on the services and subscription period selected by the User.
The User must provide personal information by filling in the relevant sections on the Website:
- last name and first name of the User;
- status: professional or personal;
- if the individual is the legal representative of a legal entity, the identity of the legal entity and its corporate name;
- the User's email address, which will automatically be used as his or her login;
- a password the User must select.
Registration only becomes valid once the Website checks the email address and telephone number. Once the information has been entered and validated by the Website, which may take up to 48 hours, the individual receives an email asking for confirmation of his or her registration by clicking on a link in said email.
When the User completes his or her registration on the Website, a personal account (hereafter the "User Account") is created, which the User may access thereafter by clicking on the "User Account" tab and entering the login and password entered when he or she registered.
The User Account allows the User to access:
-    services to which the User has access in accordance with the Subscription Contract entered into;
-    the User's Subscription Contract, which sets out the services to which the User has access;
-    the procedure to enter into and pay for a Subscription Contract;
-    the personal information relating to his or her User Account.
It is expressly stipulated that registration on the Website will only be finalized once the cost of the subscription has been fully paid, as indicated in Article 4.3.2.

3.3.2. General rules governing the creation and use of the User Account
Guide Labreuche reserves the right to:
- check the information entered when the User Account is created;
- refuse the creation of a User Account for an individual or legal entity with which it has already had a disagreement or that does not meet the conditions required under these General Terms;
- disable any User Account that breaches these General Terms, in particular and without limitation, when the User knowingly provides inaccurate information when creating his or her User Account or when the User causes a proven incident, such as an unpaid transaction, misuse of the Website services, etc. This disabling will not be considered a prejudice to the User who has been excluded and who may in no case claim any compensation in this regard. Guide Labreuche may also decide to take legal action against said User when such action is justified.

3.3.3. Termination of the User Account
The User may terminate his or her User Account at any time by connecting to the Website and following the simplified process to terminate his or her account without being required to provide reasons for the termination. The termination request will take effect within 48 hours. No reimbursement will be paid for termination before the term stipulated in the Subscription Contract.
The User must continue to comply with his or her obligations under these General Terms and the Subscription Contract entered into, as indicated in Article 4 below.

3.4. Registration and use of the Website
Website registration is valid only for the person who registers, and may not be transferred or sold to a third party except under the conditions described in Article 4 below.
The User undertakes to only create one User Account.
The User undertakes to use the Website in accordance with its purpose and to provide Guide Labreuche with accurate information that is not misleading.
The User undertakes to refrain from any misuse or fraudulent use of the Website. If the Website is not used in accordance with these General Terms, it reserves the right to disable the User's account, and the User is not entitled to claim any compensation in this regard.

3.5. Transfer of property rights associated with the Images uploaded by internet users-contributors
Any internet user, whether the holder of a User Account or a visitor, may contribute to the Website by providing image files, such as photographs, scans or manual entries (hereafter the "Image(s)") by email via the specific form (hereafter the "Contribution Form") or any other means approved by Guide Labreuche.
Images may notably include objects from a vendor specialized in materials for artists or a similar vendor (paint boxes, easels, palettes, cases for optical or drawing instruments, notebooks, etc.); marks affixed to the structure or frame of pictorial and/or graphic works (labels, incised marks, ink inscriptions, etc.); both sides of paintings and drawings; either side of their frame, in particular when the manufacturer, merchant or other marks are present; photographs of shops or stores, professional premises related to the vendors or activities covered by the Website, workers or employees of vendors related to the Website content (colour blenders, canvas stretchers, colour merchants, etc.); commercial documents related to the vendors listed on this Website, such as invoices, address cards, business cards, letterheads, prospectuses, advertisements, commercial catalogues, etc., from colour merchants or manufacturers, canvases, varnishes, frames, paper, etc., as well as restorers, framers, shipping companies, packers for works of art, gallery owners, dealers and professionals leasing paintings and drawings, etc.
When an internet user makes a contribution to the Website by uploading an Image, the User must state that he or she has the copyright for said Image and must transfer all of the property rights for the Image to Guide Labreuche, i.e. the rights of reproduction and representation, within the meaning of Article L. 122-1 et seq. of the French Intellectual Property Code. These property rights are transferred free of charge (unless better terms are agreed with Guide Labreuche) for the entire copyright period worldwide. The rights are transferred when the internet user-contributor completes the form displayed automatically when the digital file is uploaded onto the Website.
An Image whose property rights have been transferred may be reproduced and represented, unless stipulated otherwise, on the Website or in other Guide Labreuche publications (digital or paper publications).
The name of the author and the date of transfer of the property rights will be indicated on the line referring to the photograph credits for any reproduction or representation of an Image performed by Guide Labreuche unless the transferor has expressly informed Guide Labreuche that he or she wishes to remain anonymous by completing the Contribution Form or by sending an email to

4.    Subscription Contract
4.1. Parties to the Subscription Contract
The Subscription Contract is entered into by Guide Labreuche and the User.

4.2. Term of the Subscription Contract
The Website subscription is subject to payment. The term and cost of the subscription vary in accordance with the services the User selects and that are provided for in his or her Subscription Contract.
This information is available on the Website or by contacting the Website by telephone at +33 (0)6 56 71 72 11 or email at
The User's subscription runs for the period provided in the Subscription Contract. The Subscription may not be tacitly renewed unless otherwise stipulated in the Subscription Contract.

4.3. Financial terms
4.3.1. Price - Invoicing
The prices for the services provided by Guide Labreuche are indicated on the Website.
The amounts are invoiced in euros and include all taxes. The invoices are made out in the name of the User. They are digitalized and sent exclusively by email to the email address provided by the User.

4.3.2. Payment
Unless explicitly agreed otherwise and confirmed in writing by Guide Labreuche, payment is made in cash, net and with no discount, and must be paid via the Website's integrated online payment system exclusively by bank card, MasterCard or Visa. The User is responsible for the payment of potential bank charges related to the transactions.
It is to be noted that Website registration only takes effect and becomes valid once the entire cost of the subscription has been paid.

4.4. Subscription Contract transfer
Guide Labreuche must be informed of any transfer of the Subscription Contract by registered letter sent by recorded delivery at least seven (7) business days before the date of said transfer, with a precise indication of the name(s) and address(es) of the transferee(s) and the transferor (the User), and proof that he or she (or they) fulfil(s) the same conditions as the transferor for the conclusion of a Subscription Contract.

4.5. Right of withdrawal of Users who are individuals and not legal entities
In accordance with Article L.121-20-12 of the French Consumer Code, any individual who registers on the Website as a non-professional is considered a consumer, within the meaning of the terms of the French Consumer Code (i.e. any individual whose actions do not fall within the scope of his or her business, industrial, artisanal or liberal activities); as a consumer, the User who is an individual and not a legal entity has a period of fourteen (14) days from the date the Subscription Contract is entered into online to exercise his or her right of withdrawal and thereby request the cancellation of his or her Subscription Contract.
To exercise this right of withdrawal, the User must send Guide Labreuche a declaration that is free of ambiguity and expresses his or her wish to withdraw before the expiry of the 14-day period by sending an email to or a letter to 71, rue de la Mare – 75020 Paris, France. In this case, Guide Labreuche will reimburse the User all of the sums paid, including delivery charges, at the latest within the fourteen (14) days that follow the date Guide Labreuche receives his or her withdrawal request.
However, a User who is an individual and not a legal entity may waive his or her right of withdrawal if he or she wishes to benefit from Website services as soon as the Subscription Contract takes effect by checking a box provided for this purpose, in accordance with Articles L. 121-18-1, L. 121-19-2, L. 121-21-8 and L. 221-28 1° of the French Consumer Code, which provide this option, in particular for services relative to the provision of digital content.

4.6. Termination of the Subscription Contract
The Subscription Contract may only be terminated in the following situations:
i)    the Subscription Contract entered into by the User comes to term. It is expressly noted that, as the Subscription Contract is entered into for a specific period, the User may not terminate said Subscription Contract before its term, even if the User no longer uses the services offered by the Website.
ii)    in the event one of the parties fails to comply with its contractual obligations, in which case the Subscription Contract may be terminated by the injured party if its co-contractor has not taken every measure to remedy the non-compliance it is accused of within the fourteen (14) days that follow receipt of notice sent by recorded delivery, expressly referring to this article, without prejudice to the application of the User Account suspension and termination procedure stipulated in Article 4.3.
If the User breaches the contract, the sums paid to the Website under the Subscription Contract for the period in progress remains the property of the Website as compensation for the early termination.
If the Website breaches the contract, the User will be reimbursed the sums paid under the Subscription Contract for the period in progress on a proportional basis. The User may not claim any damages of any kind.
iii)    as of right and without notice: in the event of a court-ordered liquidation or the early dissolution of Guide Labreuche, in the case of fraud or misappropriation by the other party to its detriment and without prejudice to any claim for compensation, or in the event the User partially or fully transfers the Subscription Contract to a third party.
It is to be noted that neither party will be held liable nor run the risk of the consequences of a termination held against it if said party proves that it is impossible to fulfil its obligations due to an unforeseeable, insurmountable event outside of its control. In this case, and unless otherwise agreed by the parties, the Subscription Contract will be suspended throughout the period of this event.

5.    Liability of Guide Labreuche
5.1. Liability of Guide Labreuche related to information provided on the Website
In accordance with the terms of Article 1112-1 of the French Civil Code, each party to a contract must inform its co-contactor of any information, the importance of which is determining for said co-contractor's consent, i.e. any information that has a direct, necessary tie to the content of the contract or the status of the parties.
In accordance with the aforementioned provisions, Guide Labreuche draws the User's attention to the fact that, while the information provided by Guide Labreuche on its Website and to which the User has access pursuant to the terms of his or her Subscription Contract may contribute to the identification, dating and localization of the support materials for a pictorial and/or graphic work as indicated in Article 3.1 above, said information remains subject to unknown factors and only constitutes indications that contribute to the scientific and/or commercial appraisal of said work.
The User therefore expressly acknowledges that Guide Labreuche may not be held liable if a work of art is the subject of a scientific and/or commercial appraisal that is partially or totally inaccurate based partially or exclusively on information provided by Guide Labreuche.

5.2. General liability of Guide Labreuche
Subject to the User proving serious misconduct on the part of Guide Labreuche, Guide Labreuche's professional liability may only be sought to compensate personal, direct prejudice suffered by the User within the limits of the warranties of the insurance policy referred to in Article 5.5, i.e. warranty ceilings limited to €250,000.
Guide Labreuche may in no case be held liable for indirect prejudice suffered by the User due to or on the occasion of the performance of these General Terms and related terms. Indirect damage is to be understood, without limitation, as loss of earnings or profits, loss of data, loss of opportunity, business damage and the consequence of complaints or third-party claims against the User, notwithstanding the fact that Guide Labreuche should have been aware of their possible occurrence, with the exception, however, of the terms of this article related to the warranties granted by Guide Labreuche.
In any event, Guide Labreuche may in no case be held liable in the following situations:
- use of the Website in a manner that is not stipulated in the contract;
- changes to all or part of the applications or information accessible via the Website not performed by Guide Labreuche or one of its approved providers;
- use of all of part of the services provided by the Website although Guide Labreuche, further to a difficulty or for any other reason, recommended the suspension of use thereof;
- use of the services in an environment or a configuration that does not comply with the technical requirements of Guide Labreuche or related to third-party programmes or data not expressly approved by Guide Labreuche;
- loss of the User's data further to an action taken by Guide Labreuche or a third-party provider appointed by the User or by Guide Labreuche, when the User does not take the precaution of backing up his or her data before said action although said backup was requested;
- the occurrence of any damage that results from the User's fault or negligence;
- use of programmes not provided or approved by Guide Labreuche with the Website and that may impact the services provided or the User's data.
Furthermore, Guide Labreuche's liability cannot be considered a substitute for the individual liability of each User.

5.3. Declarations of the User
By entering into a contract with Guide Labreuche, the User expressly acknowledges having received all relevant information related to the purpose or cause of the parties' respective obligations under the Subscription Contract and the status of the co-contractors. The User therefore declares that Guide Labreuche has fulfilled its obligation to provide precontractual information, as stipulated in Article 1112-1 of the Civil Code.
Similarly, the User acknowledges having provided Guide Labreuche with full information on its requirements and its expectations of the contract.

5.4. Liability of Guide Labreuche relative to the operation of the Website
5.4.1. Service interruption
The Website guarantees the proper operation of the Website under satisfactory conditions of availability and reliability in accordance with the terms of these General Terms.
The Website reserves the right to interrupt its services during the period(s) it deems necessary for maintenance or upgrades.
Except in an emergency, the User will be advised of these interruptions beforehand on the Website's home page. The Website may in no case be held liable for these interruptions for any reason.
In any event, a User who has been temporarily or definitively suspended will not have access to the services.

5.4.2. Non-liability of the Website
The Website may not be held liable for any direct and/or consequential prejudice of any kind related to the defective operation of the Website resulting from:
- the use thereof by the User or a third party under conditions that do not comply with the purpose of the Website or the terms of these General Terms (e.g. piracy or misuse of the Website),
- unavailability of internet services,
- acts attributable to the User or its own services beyond the Website's interface,
- outages or any other problem that occurs on the networks or hardware of internet service providers,
- errors in the User's entries, the poor or incomplete transmission of information or data, the loss of data, the non-delivery or incomplete delivery of said data,
- the loss of business data, loss of earnings or any other prejudice resulting from an inappropriate use of the Website, whether or not these events are voluntary or accidental,
- the poor performance of the Subscription Contract entered into or the non-performance thereof.

5.5. Professional liability insurance
Guide Labreuche has purchased professional liability cover from AIG – Service Gestion Pack AIG – Tour CB21 – 92040 Paris La Défense Cedex, France, bearing number RD01174572S.

6.    Intellectual property
In general, the User will refrain from infringing the intellectual property rights (copyrights, neighbouring rights, sui generis rights, database rights, trademarks, domain names, etc.) of Guide Labreuche and/or any third party.
All the information present on the Website or in Guide Labreuche's contractual documents, including the underlying technology, are therefore protected by copyright. Similarly, the marks, logos, drawings and models displayed on the Website belong exclusively to Guide Labreuche. The disclosure thereof may in no way be interpreted as granting a licence or a right of use of any kind relative to said marks and distinctive elements protected by copyright. The use thereof therefore constitutes an infringement that may be prosecuted.
Therefore, none of the documents on the Website may be copied, reproduced, republished, downloaded, posted, transmitted or distributed in any manner whatsoever. However, the User may download a copy of Website information onto a computer for his or her personal use and solely for non-commercial purposes, subject to refraining from modifying the information therein and to retaining all copyright and other property right indications thereon. Modifications to these documents or the use thereof for another purpose constitutes an infringement of Guide Labreuche's intellectual property rights.
Any insertion into a third-party website of a simple direct link to the Website's home page must be expressly authorized by Guide Labreuche beforehand. This will in no case be considered an implicit affiliation agreement. However, any hypertext link to the Website using the framing or in-line linking technique is formally prohibited.
In any event, at Guide Labreuche's request, a link must be removed.

7.    Protection of personal data
7.1. Purposes of the processing
A subscription to the Website as a User implies that Guide Labreuche will collect and process a certain amount of personal data on the User. This information is crucial to the processing of the subscriptions. These personal data are also retained for security purposes in order to ensure compliance with legal and regulatory obligations. A User who does not wish to provide the information required to create a User Account may therefore not access the services offered by the Website if he or she refuses to provide such personal data. Access to personal data will be strictly limited to employees of the data controller who are authorized to process these data due to their role and responsibilities. The information collected may be communicated to third parties contractually bound to the data controller for the performance of outsourced tasks and the User's authorization in this regard is not necessary.
The personal data collected are the subject of computer processing and are strictly reserved for Guide Labreuche. The data controller is Mr. Pascal Labreuche.
Guide Labreuche retains these data for the purposes described above and undertakes not to use them for any other purpose, nor to transmit them to third parties, except in accordance with the terms of this article or with the relevant User's express agreement or in situations in which said transmission is required by law.

7.2. Retention of personal data
The contact information for all Website Users is saved throughout the period of the subscription and for up to three (3) years after the termination of the User Account. These data are retained in secure conditions according to current technical standards and in accordance with the terms of Law No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 on information technology, files and freedoms, as amended by Law No. 2004-81 of 6 August 2004, and European Regulation No. 2016/679.

7.3. Security and safety
Guide Labreuche takes the technical measures required to ensure the security of the User's personal data and notably to prevent the deformation or damaging thereof, access thereto by unauthorized third parties and any unlawful use thereof.
In the event of a personal data breach, the Website will inform the User as soon as possible after the Website becomes aware thereof by email to the email address entered by the User into his or her User Account or by any other written means of communication. This notification is provided as soon as a personal data breach occurs, regardless of the related risk. It includes all useful documentation (traces, processing records, etc.) in order to allow the User to notify the competent authority of this breach, if necessary.

7.4. User rights in respect of personal data
In accordance with the aforementioned law, the User has a right to be informed, a right to object, a right of access, a right to rectification, a right to restrict processing and a right to erasure regarding the personal data he or she has provided and may withdraw his or her consent to the processing of said data. To this end, the User must submit a request to Guide Labreuche by email to or by postal mail to Société du Guide Labreuche - 71, rue de la Mare - 75020 Paris, France.
If the User wishes to file a claim, he or she may contact the French data protection authority, the Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés (CNIL), at 3, place de Fontenoy - TSA 80715 - 75334 Paris Cedex 07, France.

7.5. IP address
Furthermore, Guide Labreuche reserves the right to collect a User's public IP (Internet Protocol) address. The IP address consists of a series of figures separated by periods allowing for the identification of a computer on the internet. The collection of this IP address is performed anonymously, and the address will be retained for the same period as the personal data and will only be used for the proper management of the services offered on this Website.

8.    Cookies
Guide Labreuche may install a cookie on the User's computer to enable optimal browsing on the Website as well as improved functioning of the different interfaces and applications. This cookie stores information on navigation through the Website (date, page and times), as well as potential data entered by the user during a visit (searches, login, email and password). These cookies are intended to remain on the user's computer for a variable period of up to 12 months, and may be read and used by Guide Labreuche when the user visits the Website on a future occasion.
The User may block, modify the retention period of, and erase this cookie via his or her browser's interface (in general by using privacy or confidentiality tools or options). In such a case, the User's navigation on the Website will not be optimal. If the systematic disabling of cookies on the User's browser prevents him or her from using certain services or features provided by Guide Labreuche, this malfunction will in no way constitute damage to the User, who may not claim any compensation in this regard.
The User may also delete cookies present on his or her computer by going to his or her browser's menu provided for this purpose (in general, privacy or confidentiality tools or options). This action has no impact on the User's navigation through the Website, but the User loses any benefits provided by the cookie. In this case, the User must re-enter all of the User's information.

9.    Disputes
9.1. Applicable law and jurisdiction
These General Terms are governed by French law. Any dispute related to the interpretation and/or performance thereof falls under the exclusive jurisdiction of French courts.
The contract language is French; any version available in another language on the Website is only provided for information. If a difference exists between the French version and the foreign-language version, it is the French version that takes precedence.

9.2. Divisibility
If any of the clauses of these General Terms is considered null and void in light of a legal provision in effect or a court ruling that is definitive, this clause will be deemed unwritten and will not cause the invalidity of the General Terms as a whole or alter the validity of the other terms, which will continue to be in effect despite the cancelled clause.

9.3. Non-waiver
If one of the parties fails to claim a breach of one or more clauses of these General Terms either temporarily or permanently, this will in no case constitute a waiver of the same clause or any other clause in said General Terms.

9.4. Address for service
For the conclusion and performance of these General Terms:
-    Guide Labreuche's address for service is its registered office located at 71, rue de la Mare – 75020 Paris, France;
-    The User's address for service is the address the User indicates for his or her User Account. The User undertakes to inform Guide Labreuche of any change in address and of his or her new postal address by sending an email to

General Terms version applicable as of 15/10/2020