The Labreuche Guide will reopen in January!

The Guide Labreuche online is the reference tool

for the identification and dating of suppliers’ and makers’ marks on the back of paintings and drawings

New version of the Guide Labreuche to be launched shortly

New version

Designed with art market and museum professionals in mind
The site
is now bilingual

French / English
Improved cross-referencing
and functionnality

More information / broader coverage
Guide Labreuche concept

New features

• Catalogue of marks •
By suppliers and other participants in the art market (inc. labels, stamps, stencils, imprints, watermarks, etc.)
(a unique number is provided for each type listed)
• Map of Paris •
Showing the exact location of each business and artist (coordinates double-checked on the Paris land register)

Forthcoming new features

+ Extension to related categories
(Restorers, reliners, gallerists, art dealers, framers, shippers, packers, etc.)
+ Expansion of geographical coverage
(Suburbs, provinces)
+ Extension of period treated
(18th, then 17th century)